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Hamilton is making a big move. After its award-winning run at the Public Theater, one of the most prestigious of off-Broadway venues, the show is coming to Broadway itself. Fans and critics alike are excited at the prospect of seeing Hamilton debut at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in the near future. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s story of the founding fathers through a refreshing immigrant perspective. Miranda is wholly responsible for the music, lyrics, and story of the production. The titular Alexander Hamilton is joined on-stage by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. In line with the show’s focus on immigrant identities, the cast features many actors of black and Latino descent.

The casting decisions are just a few of the factors making Hamilton one of the most refreshing and innovative shows to come to Broadway in recent memory. The storytelling form itself is ambitious and creative. Broadway is often faulted for leaning too far towards the commercial end of the theater business, but Hamilton is one of those rare shows that creates a perfect fusion between artistic vision and commercial marketability.

This depth of ideas is not surprising in a show that was hammered out in the crucible of the Public Theater (famed for creating Shakespeare in the Park), a place where quality and artistic expression are always given top priority.

One thing is certain: Hamilton is in for a memorable and profitable stay on Broadway, one that’s sure to thrill countless theater fans.
More About Hamilton

With the tremendous talents of Director Thomas Kail and choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler, Hamilton had no difficulty drawing critical attention during its time at the Public Theater. It won the coveted Edgerton Foundation Award for new American Plays.

The musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of Washington’s most steadfast lieutenants, who served the fledgling United States both as a heroic officer during the Revolution and as one of the most influential Secretaries of the Treasury in the country’s early years. Beyond his professional life, Hamilton was an orphan, a rebel, and the unfortunate victim targeted in the new nation’s very first sex scandal. With a multicultural awareness that speaks to modern-day issues of immigrant equality, Hamilton makes a highly enjoyable spectacle out of the lesson that one’s beliefs are always worth fighting for.

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