Hamilton Broadway Musical is coming to Austin

The Broadway hit that you have heard all about is now coming to Austin.

It has been announced that the Hamilton national tour will be hitting Austin, and the tickets are on sale now. Before you start to jump for joy, you should know that the musical will not be in the area until the 2018-2019 season and the tickets for Austin have not started selling yet.

This is a musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, focused on the story of an orphaned immigrant that then grew up to be Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Treasury Secretary. This musical features a diverse cast that has been highly praised, along with scores that range from gospel and R&B to pop.

You may have already heard about the cast after several members got involved in a Twitter feud in 2016 with President Donald J. Trump, where be blasted the musical for a speech given while Vice President Mike Pence was present in the audience. Brandon Victor Dixon, known for playing Aaron Burr in the musical, was noted for stating that the cast is part of a diverse America expressing great concern for the new administration making their way into the White House.

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