Using the Power of “Hamilton” To Inspire Young Minds

You may have heard about a show that’s taking the world by storm. Chicago is fortunate to have it at the PrivateBank Theatre, 8 times a week for the next foreseeable future.

However, during Hamilton’s off hours another show is appearing in the very same stage. The other show is equally dynamic and probably more inspiring. It is a performance that powerfully presents the case for why it is important to retain the arts in schools.

The show features students that represent a wide cross-section of the school system in Chicago, performing songs, scenes, and spoken word inspired by ‘Hamilton’, the celebrated musical. In the audience are several thousand students enthusiastically cheering each other on as their peers take some time to bare their souls on the PrivateBank stage before the afternoon’s matinee performance.

The Hamilton Education Program was facilitated by a grant from the Rockerfeller Foundation to the Gilder Lehrman Institute. It provides a unique opportunity for high school students not only to watch Hamilton for just $10, but leading up to the performance, students spend some time learning about American history, Alexander Hamilton the enigma, as well as the development and evolution of a celebrated musical.

It was the 3rd of 10 planned EduHams in Chicago following the successful launch in New York in partnership with the Broadway production several years back. Some of the Hamilton tickets will be given through official lottery.

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